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 Visual Form Book

Would you be interested in a horse racing software tool that did the following?

1 - you can use its extensive database of past horse racing results to quickly work out profitable systems.

2 - You can save these personally designed systems.

3 - Rather than spend ages each day manually trawling through the likes of the racing post to identify qualifiers..you can get all qualifiers for that day on your own personal system with the simple press of a button.

You wont miss winners due to human error.

Interested click here now.


But that's not all. Dataform can do much much more to improve your betting success.

First and foremost VFB is a computerised formbook. Rather than trawling manually through paper stats or using slow web based information, VFB puts all a horses past form quickly at your fingertips.

It comes supplied with many years past racing results included. Information is kept current with email updates containing results and declarations.

Once you analyse a race using VFB, a wealth of information available upon which to make a betting decision.

Firstly there is the past history of each runner in the race. Check past performances, trainer stats, jockey stats, forecast prices, bloodline history and more all at the click of a mouse.

You can compare each horse with scores generated for course record, trainer record, recent form, fitness, class, proven ability in race distance or going plus more.

But wait, there's more.

Contained within the program are various sets of computer generated ratings. These are based on years of historical data and consider many factors which have proven to influence the outcomes of races in the past.

VFB generates it's own unique handicap ratings for each horse, also unique speed ratings. Use these to pick out highly rated horses at value prices.

Personally the most interesting aspect of VFB are the price ratings generated. An understanding of price and what is "value" is key to any betting strategy. I feel this is an area where others have failed. Having numerical speed ratings etc is all very well but recognising value bets from them is not so easy.

When a race is analysed, VFB will predict and display what it calculates are the "True Odds" of each selection in the race.

With your "true odds" prices calculated you can then check against offered bookmakers odds in the hunt for value selections.

VFB may for example indicate a selection to be an evens chance. If the bookie is offering 2/1 then this could very well be a value selection and worth a bet.

The odds calculation can be refined to take into account factors such as live market prices ( the market effect) and the draw effect. Live prices you obviously have to enter your self. For further info on when to consider the draw effect I suggest a book called Bias 2001

What excites me most when I think about having "true odds" ratings for each of a days runners is the possibility of their use on the betting exchanges

You could for example work to a strategy of laying poor value favorites as highlighted by VFB. Or for backing take the true odds price, add in a margin in your favor and request your calculated value odds.

There are a lot of uses for this software. Use it as a simple form encyclopedia at your fingertips or as a basis for betting strategies based on speed ratings, handicap ratings or my own personal favorite, price ratings.

I feel this is definitely worth a further look by anyone wishing to do their own research and make their own educated betting decisions.

I would recommend testing it out. Do your own research as to where the software is most effective. eg possibly look at handicaps versus non handicaps or perhaps concentrate on higher class races as an area to build your expertise.

I am convinced that the combination of form records, speed ratings and most important the price calculations in the right hands could be used to great effect.

Add to that the power of the personal system research and qualifier identification features and you have one great piece of horse racing kit.





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