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Bet Record Spreadsheet

All punters with a professional attitude to their betting should keep an accurate record of their bets.

Here you can download a free spreadsheet you can use to do just that.

This spreadsheet was supplied by RSUK subscriber Chris who thought others may find it useful.

Enter your odds, results etc and the spreadsheet will keep a running count of your profits, profit on turnover etc.

There are a few other bells and whistles thrown in as well for good measure such as an ARB calculator and a dutching calculator.

Please note that not being the creator of this spreadsheet I am unable to answer detailed questions on its workings.

You should find it pretty self explanatory however and easy to use after reading through the notes Chris has provided below. He has also provided his contact details should you wish to get in touch.

Many thanks to Chris for making this available to viewers here.

Requires Microsoft Excel on your PC to operate.

Download Here

Notes on Use:

This sheet will only be of value to those using a rolling, ratchet style, Level stake or percentage bank.

First thing to do is to add the Paste Values button to your Excel toolbar (makes it much easier than using a menu everytime!)

THE ALL BETS SHEET: Tracks details of all your bets YTD

Enter your starting bank into cell C1

Enter the number of points in your bank in cell C2. If you use a percentage bank then just convert it to points eg a 5% rolling bank = 100/5= 20 points etc etc

When a bet has been settled in the "Daily sheet", just select its details (i.e. the data in columns A to M), copy it, switch to the "All bets sheet" and use PASTE VALUES to paste it into the next blank row (normal paste wont work). All the stats/profit stuff will then automatically calculate, as will the new point value. Easiest thing to do is add the Paste Values button to your toolbar, rather than use the menu. You can do the copy/paste on one bet at a time as they are settled, or as a block at the end of the day....

"DAILY SHEET": Used to record your daily bets.

1) Enter the data into columns A to H (and J if you want to record the SP)

Note - for a win bet, type 'win' in column D, for eachway type 'ew'

If you take an early price and enter it in column F, profit will be calculated using it rather than the sp fig you enter. I like to keep both so you can see your results @SP as well...

2) When you enter an ew bet, it automatically knows that the total stake is double what you entered (as happens betting ew online). So in the example in the sheet it knows that £17 ew is a total stake of £34, and calculates profit/loss accordingly.

3) Enter the result in column I in the form: 1,2,3,4. If the horse is unplaced, type unpl. The sheet then calculates profit/loss.

4) Cell E18 shows your current point value (it feeds in from the all bets sheet)

The other stuff on the daily sheet:

Doubles calculator to work out if it's worth doing one. Fairly self explanatory:

Your current point value feeds into cell C24 automatically. The calculator assumes you only want to stake 1 point in total regardless of the bet being win or ew.

Enter the odds of each horse and the place factors for the race (i.e 1/5 or 1/4)

When you enter the results it calculates your profit and ROI.

I like to use it BEFORE placing the bet to see if the return is worth the risk.

When the bet is settled it's easiest to just enter its data into the all bets sheet manually.

The betfair calculator:

If you use betfair this will shows the minimum price you need to take in betfair to equal the current bookie price. It accounts for comission and the fact that they use decimals (ie on betfair a price of 6/1 is shown as 7.00). Just enter the current bookie price in cell l24 and cell l25 gives you the price to look for on betfair. I find this very useful in fast changing live markets.

Enter the price you take on betfair in Cell M27 and M28 shows the true price (i.e minus commision). Use this price to enter the bet into the main part of the daily sheet as normal to settle

DUTCHING SHEET - is what it says!!!

BOOKIE SUMMARY SHEET: Tracks the deposits/withdrawls, current balance and profit and loss for your accounts

Enter the names of your bookies in columns A and F

Enter the starting balance of each account in column G

As you make deposits/withdrawals, enter them into columns H and I

As bets are entered into the all bets sheet, the balances and P/L figs for each account are automatically calculated.

LOSS RECOVERY SHEET: If you use any loss recovery systems (and have balls like an elephant) this will calculate your stake for each bet as the previous one loses! Just put the required daily profit in cell C18, then the odds of the first bet in cell D2 and away you go....!! DOH!!!!!

Best thing to do is try adding data to each sheet and see what happens. Cells with calculations in are protected so you wont delete/change them by accident!!

I'd be interested in hearing of any staking plans you'd like to see added.

Any questions please mail me on :




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