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Discussion: A Bit Of Advice

      10:50 am on Aug. 22, 2002
Has anyone heard of and does anyone rate any of these systems. Racing system Unexposed Gold, sounds amazing, proably crap? Pools system Football enterprises? Fixed odds, Saturday fixed odds by J Griffiths, sounds great but am I going to throw money down the drain again. Any advice would be most welcome.
Advanced Member

      11:02 am on Aug. 22, 2002
Sorry, never heard of any of them.
Tony Thurston
Advanced Member

      11:02 am on Aug. 22, 2002
I've never personally seen these systems but they're probably not all they're cracked up to be mate...

Theres easily as much good stuff for FREE on here as there is available to buy from adverts, so I would suggest you have a god look round on here at some of the systems for free before you spend any of your hard earned.... at least most of the stuff on here has been tested and you can see and believe the results, which is more then can be said for the systems advertised in the press..

Hope this helps..



      11:42 am on Aug. 22, 2002
I can't believe no one has heard of the unexposed gold system it sounds great, to good to be true rings a bell. I get most of my mailings from surewin if that helps.
Junior Member

      12:09 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
A search on using the the keywords ' racing "unexposed gold" ' produced zero hits.



Advanced Member

      12:48 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
I've heard of all these systems. They have been sold by one or more of the relays at one stage or another. And yes, they're all rubbish. Sorry to disappoint you. The guy who created the 'Football Entreprises' scam, based in Haverfordwest, was arrested by police a few years ago on charges of fraud and deception.

      12:56 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
I received a copy of the Unexposed Gold system some time ago and the criteria are hardly ever met - I didn't find one bet in the 4 weeks I bothered with it. The system was supposed to come with a detailed listing of all the previous results but unfortunately "an untimely virus had corrupted all the data on the computer".

I also tried a Saturday Fixed-Odds service a few years ago run by Ferndale Associates. Over a period of 40 weeks there were 6 winners and an overall loss of 350. So, in my experience don't believe the hype. Before taking up a subscription to any service ask if you can look at the last 12 months performance records. If they won't provide them then there must be a good reason. If they do then perhaps you could then use chi-squared test mentioned on another thread to test the validity.


      12:56 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
Cheers lads, but do you know the rules to this Saturday fixed odds system.

      2:44 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
There were no "rules" as such. The subscription allowed you to be sent a list of 5 teams each Saturday which were to have 7 bets placed on them in varying combinations. The teams were supposedly picked by "computer analysis of recent performance".

You could do better using a pin - although you'd still probably lose in the long run.

Full Member

      4:15 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
Cant' give you the 'Saturday' Fixed Odds, how about the 'Secret' Fixed Odds System.

In a Nutshell
1) Select 10 aways/draws that have odds ranging 3/1 to 10/1. Perm any 3 from 10, 120 lines @ x per line.

Best to use Australian matches as the odds are higher, so it says.


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