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SP Plus - An Easy Way to Beat Starting Price








For those of you who bet at starting price, I have to say to you

STOP - Don't be a muppet !

Why would you bet at starting price when you very easily increase your winnings by simply using a different bookmaker?

Centrebet are a major australian stock market listed company trying to make inroads into the uk horse racing market.

What is their master plan?

Quite simply they will pay you more money when you win than you would have done elsewhere if betting at SP.

They call their offering SP+

What they do is increase the return up a notch on their scale.

eg a 10/1 SP winner, they pay out at 11/1

a 5/1 SP winner they pay out at 11/2

You get the picture?

I would highly recommend you get yourself an account with them especially if you do not have internet access each day to scour the online bookies or exchanges for best early prices.

Centrebet have a uk free phone number.

Just ring up and place your bets at SP +

If you are currently betting at Starting Price how much extra money a year will this simple bit of advice put in your pocket.

Any Downsides?

Well one perhaps ..they currently only permit straight win or each way bets on horses, no multiples or accumulators.

On the plus side however to do offer "place only" betting which most uk bookmakers do not.

For those of you who do like to bet accumulators consider Canbet. They again offer a boost on starting price they call SuperPrice.

My own assessment however is that CentreBet's SP+ is likely to be better for you when betting win or each way singles.

ie only use Canbet instead of CentreBet if you want to bet accumulators.