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   A Site For Punters Who Want to Win At Betting

This is a site run by a semi professional gambler.

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Why semi professional? Well although I make significant and consistent sums betting, I earn elsewhere as well. Hence semi professional.

I could however if I wished, pack in the other work and make a decent living out of betting alone. Someday I may do just that.

I today's day and age it has never been easier for a punter to actually win at betting. The internet boom has given rise to many new opportunities and the dropping of betting tax a year or so ago has made a huge impact on the number of punters that can now expect to win more than they lose.

This site was first put online in 1999.

The initial aim of the site was to proof and verify horse racing tipsters.

Each month tables would be produced etc showing profit and loss figures etc.

That is a role I carried out for several years. However this is an area I no longer dedicate much time to. As the time went on I found my interests drawing more and more towards making my own betting selections.

As this interest in my own betting grew, the tipster proofing dried up.

A case of me simply following my own heart.

Behind the scenes I do still monitor several services who have consented to have their betting records verified here by my good self.

The majority are of little use. See the The Con Zone section see read about some of the tricks pulled by the more dubious.

Any however that catch my eye and I feel are a cut above the rest, I will let my Newsletter subscribers know about.

Very often I will push a tipster to offer my subscribers here a free trial.

If you are interested in receiving free trial information from tipsters I assess to have potential I suggest you sign up to the Free Newsletter .

Since 1999 I have respected the privacy of my users.

Newsletters are rare, so no inboxes full of junk, no subscriber details have ever or will ever be passed on to third parties.


In addition to tipster reports and free trials you will also find in the newsletter my thoughts, theories and ideas on how to improve your own betting.

I personally have been barred many times by bookmakers, others reduce my permitted stakes to peanuts which is effective barring.

They are beatable. I can help show you how.

This area of Betting Technique is how I plan to develop the site along in the future.

Register now.

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 You are Already Here !Horse Racing Systems ,Tipsters and SyndicatesFixed Odds Soccer BettingYour Guarentee Against the ConmenNeed More Info? Click Here to Get in Touch.